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Here are the answers to the questions we most commonly receive.

Please read this FAQ before submitting a question. All answers are posted in the FAQ.  You will not receive a direct response.

How do I use this website?
A good question!  If you are looking for a guild in your area, start at the home page http://www.quiltguilds.com and click on your state.  Then look for a city in your area.  If the guild has filled out the "Add a Guild Listing" form, it will be there. Not all guilds choose to list with this site, and some list once but never update their listing.  Always double check the information before climbing into your car and driving off into the unknown. 

As an alternative, you can always use the Search button in the upper left area of this page. 

How do I add my guild?  
Use the Add/Amend link above.

When will you add or amend my guild or show?
When we get to it!  Seriously, we have several volunteers that work on this site so it is updated on a fairly frequent basis.  Give it at least two weeks before resubmitting the listing.

Do you have to have a web site for your site to accept a new listing?
No, but you do have to have some way for a new quilter to find you.  A working E-mail address or a phone number will do.

My guild (or Show) information is incorrect or incomplete.  How do I fix it? 
(related question) Please let me know what is needed to change the address or website of my Quilt Guild/Quilt Show.
(related question) There is incorrect information in the listing for XYZ quilters.  We have moved but no one has updated the listing.
(related question) I have numerous e-mail addresses that you have in your listings that are no longer in use, would you like to have them?
Yes, please use the Add/Amend link above to correct information or update the listing with new information.  

I added my guild (or show) and it didn't show up.  Why not? 
(related question) Hello, is anyone out there??? I have tried to Add/Amend our guild info. following your directions, but it never gets updated. 
(related question) I have tried to update my information now 3 times - Why is it not updating?
(related question) town & coutry quilters was amended and we were emailed that the changes wiuld be made immediately. they wer not made!!! what happened ???.
Updates are done manually on a volunteer basis, usually on a weekend.  Normally it will show up within a week.  (Be sure to reload or refresh the page to make sure you are not seeing a cached version.)  If it is still not there, resubmit the information.  It may have gone astray, or you may have accidentally used the wrong form, or perhaps you typed it all in capitals.  Those listings are automatically deleted as we simply don't have the time to correct them.   

Be careful you don't hit the enter button on your keyboard until you are done.  That will submit the information.  When you resubmit, double check your entry.  Sometimes people forget things that are obvious to them, such as the actual city or state.  We don't list vague or incomplete information and, no, we won't try to figure out what state your city is in. Be kind to the people using a GPS!  You may know where the Community Center is, but a GPS requires an address.

After you have pressed the submit button, you will be directed to a Thank You page.  This tells you that your information has been successfully submitted.  Updates are processed in the order they were received. We do not send E-mails promising update dates or confirming update completion  If you have received such an E-mail, it was not from this site.

Our guild listing needs to be cancelled totally. How do I go about doing that?
Use the Add/Amend link above.  

Our show listing needs to amended or cancelled.  How do I do that?
Submit the amendment or cancellation through the show listing above and note the changes.

I went to a guild meeting and there was no one there!  Why do you have inaccurate information? 
(related question) How do I get in touch with the California Quilter's Guild? 
All information is submitted by guild representatives.  If they submit inaccurate information, don't update information, or don't supply the information, we have no way of finding it. 

All we do is list the information given to us.  We don't go out and solicit it.

How often is this site updated? Why don't you remove old information?
(related comment) Please have someone go over your website. I found several mistakes and non-working links.
See above.  We rely on guild representatives to submit accurate information in a timely manner.  If you find something that is wrong, recommend to the guild that their representative correct it using the Add/Amend button on the top of this page.  There are over 3000 guilds listed in these pages, we are NOT going to contact them every month to make sure their information is still correct.  

However, if you would like to volunteer, just use the Add/Amend button above to send us the exact URL that has the incorrect or old information. Please don't send vague information - we need the exact URL that begins http://

I’m trying to get a hold of whoever is in charge of planning Quilter's Guild holiday parties, conferences, and meetings. 
(Related Question:) I want a clear registration form of the conference.
(Related Question:) I need the contact person to submit an ad in the Wisconsin Quilt Guild Newsletter. Also need the fee and time frame of the newsletters.
(Related Question:) I am planning on going to your penn show i like to have more information on were to stay when your next show will be next year.
(related question) Please let me know information about your seminar held at the EAA grounds in Fall PLEASE
(related question) Will there be a quilt show this fall at the showplace? I couldn't find anything in the quilt shows section.
(related question) I am interested in working as a white glover at the State Fair and need to know who to contact. Thank you! Heidi
(related question) Where is the the BROWARD QUILT FEST?
(related question) I need to know when a quilt show is scheduled so I can plan a bus trip.
(related question) I am trying to reach a member of the Calico Clippers at Stockton. Could you put me in touch with them?
(related question) I am trying to find out about the show in Sisters
(related question) I have a message on my phone to call Lea Veronica from Quilters Guide but I do not have the phone number to contact her. 
(related question) I'm with the XYZ Stitchers'Quilt Guild. I 'd like to send Donna Barritz email; does she have her own website? Thanks very much!
(related question) I am looking for Debbie Quilter, has a web site, I can't locate....she made me a beautiful wall hanging....do you know her? how to contact?
We only have information as supplied by the guild or conference itself.  Hopefully, they included the guild address and/or contact information in their listing.  If they didn't include that information - or didn't list their show at all - we don't have any more information to give you. We can't track down missing showplaces, we have no idea what EAA stands for, which State Fair you are asking about, who Donna Barritz might be, or where Broward, Stockton or Sisters is.  We certainly aren't a universal phone book.

All we do is list the information given to us.  We don't go out and solicit it.   

Can you help me find a guild in my city?  
(Related Question:) I am looking for a quilt guild in the Cleveland Ohio area that does the bus trip to Paducah. Do you know who I could contact to find out about this. 
(related question) I'm looking for a quilt guild in the Ogden area. I have been in Utah for a year now and would like to get back into sewing again.
(related question) I am the events manager at XYZ. We would like to have a quilt show, but I don't know who to contact. 
(related question) Do you have a quilt guild in McMinville, Oregon or by it. The one in Sellwood by Portland is too far. 
(related question) I am looking for a quilting guild near where I live.  I just moved to the area.
(related question) I am looking for a quilting organization that meets in the evenings in my area. Do you know of any?
(related question)  I am interested in joining the XYZ Guild. How may I get information about this? 
(related question) "I am an Australian moving to Houston from Belgium. I would like to make contact with a Quilting group. How do I find a group? Do I just show up at a meeting or do I need to contact some one first?
Unfortunately, we only have information that has been submitted by guild representatives.  If there is no guild listed for your city, try the search terms "quilt guild" or "quilting club" in Google Local.  If you still don't find one, try calling a local quilt shop.  They should be familiar with local quilt guilds and may know about their programs and shows.  If they don't think there is one, you can always start one yourself! 

I want to add our guilds website to our listing.  How do I do that?
Use the Add/Amend link above.  We will hyperlink the name of your guild to the website.  If you change your web address PLEASE let us know! 

The link to XYZ guild has nothing to do with the guild.  
Sometimes guilds do change their web address and the old address is bought by groups who hope to capitalize on misdirected traffic.  Just use the Add/Amend link above to let us know about the problem.  We will remove the bad link.  

We have attempted to update and correct the information listed in the Quilt Guild Information for XYZ. But none of the corrections are ever posted.
Well, a couple of things could be going on.  Did you submit your all information using the Add/Amend button above?  If you didn't submit complete information, we might not have known what to do with it.  Did you type all in caps, or submit it through the show link?  If so, we deleted it without reading it, just like we said we would.  

Did you just submit it a few days ago?  Could be we haven't gotten to it yet.  As long as you get the "thank you" page after submitting the information, we did receive it and will get to it when we can.  If you get the "thank you" page before you are done, it means you hit the enter button on your keyboard by accident.  Just hit the back button and finishing filling out the form.  THEN click on the submit button on the page. 

Did you submit it anonymously?  We don't use that information - too much potential for inaccuracy.

Meanwhile, try visiting the page in question and hitting reload or refresh while holding down the shift key.  Could be your ISP has cached the page and is serving up an old version.

Could you please highlight my guild heading? I noticed others had highlights as well as contact information.
When a guild name is in another color and underlined, that means it is linked to the guilds website.  Notice how all the buttons on the left side of this page are done? This is considered to be one of the Internets conventions - it is rare to see an underlined word on the internet that is not a hyperlink, unless the page is done by someone completely (or deliberately) clueless. 

I belong to an informal quilting club that would like to become a formal guild. We would like to know more about this process.   Click on the Establish a Guild link on the left side of this page. 

I added my show and it didn't show up.  Why not?
(related question) I added our guild to the site in January 2010, checking back to make sure it was listed, and it was. When I looked today, it's gone. How could that be?
(related question) I have updated the information for North Platte Nebraska before but it has not been changed on your website. Please let me know why.
Updates are done manually on a volunteer basis.  Normally it will show up within a week.  (Be sure to reload or refresh the page to make sure you are not seeing a cached version.)  If it is still not there, resubmit the information.  It may have gone astray, or you may have accidentally used the Guild form, or perhaps you typed it all in capitals. Those listings are automatically deleted as we simply don't have the time to correct them.   

Be careful you don't hit the enter button on your keyboard until you are done.  That will submit the information.  When you resubmit, double check your entry.  Sometimes people forget things that are obvious to them, such as the location of the show, including actual city or state.  We don't list vague or incomplete information and, no, we won't try to figure out what state your show is in. 

If your listing mysteriously disappears, it's because someone requested that it be removed. Usually that happens when the contact person asks that their E-mail address be deleted but offers no other way to reach the guild. 

Is there anyway to divide the quilt shows into regions? 
How are the "Shows listed by month" sorted? They don't seem to be in date order.
Shows are listed by month in the order the listings are received.  It's not practical to sort it any further.  This site receives almost 100 changes a week and as you can see we are just barely keeping up now. 

I have been trying to copy and past the quilt show information into my calendar but I am unable to HIGHLIGHT the information... Is there a block on it?
Yes, it's there to keep unscrupulous sites from simply copying and pasting our information into their sites. The thieves make it hard on everyone. 

I am writing about our quilt exhibition. I would love to send information to you. Please let me know how to do that. 
(related question) Our show listing needs to be amended. How do I go about doing that?
Use the Quilt Shows link above. If you are amending a listing, just submit a complete new listing and in the comments note that this listing should replace the old one.

Does my local guild, who holds an annual quilt show, need their members to get permission from pattern designers in order to display their quilts in our show?  According to the copyright laws, the answer is yes.  For more information, read Copyright Concerns for Quilters and Crafters

I am interested in hiring someone to help me with a picture quilt for a Christmas gift. How do I find local quilters who can be hired?
(related question) I am looking for someone to do a quilt for me.
(related question) I am in Cleveland TN and would like to buy a quilt pattern for my mothers barn. Who do I call and schedule it?
(related question) I have received some hand-hemmed large size sheets in a very nice heavy weight cotton that were done by the mother of an 86 year old friend. ...I have considered the possibilities of using some of this work in a quilt top, but am not experienced enough to know where to begin...Do you know where I should begin my search for help with this?
First, try your local quilt shop or guild.  If you don't find one in these pages, try Google Local.  You might also want to check your local county cooperative extension. 

I am a counselor at here at.... I work with mentally ill/women and their children in recovery from substance abuse. I was wondering if it would be possible to receive 50 quilts at one time for these women/children on a periodic basis?  
Many guilds include the making and donation of charity quilts into their charter.  I would suggest contacting a local guild. 

I am looking for someone to give a quilting class in Oskaloosa, Kansas
(related question) I looking for quilt class in Kokomo IN
(related question) I would like someone to do a program on the history of quilting at my library. Do you know of someone in the Northwest RI?
(related question )I teach American Folklore and Folklife at CWRU. I'm looking for a speaker to give a presentation to one of my classes. 
(related question) We are a community Chicago Public School looking for a person to help a kindergarten class begin a quilt for an end of the year activity.  Can you recommend someone who would be willing to visit our teachers?
(related question) I often make presentations to community groups, quilt guilds, church groups.... I was hoping that there might be a way that you could help me get the word out that I'm available to make presentations at guild meetings and/or retreats.
Since you are visiting a site that lists quilt guilds, why not try contacting the guild(s) closest to your city?  If you ARE that guild, try contacting a local quilt shop. If your state has a state guild, try them for recommendations.  State guilds are listed at the top of each states page.  There are also several other sites that list quilt teachers.  Try Ami Simms, Quiltbug, MDQPN, Quilt History Teachers, etc. 

We are a small Christian School and have a quilt auction every year and would like to advertise it some how.
(related question) Can you help me advertise my retreat?
(related question) We are sponsoring our 2nd annual Art and QUILT auction for charity October 14. I was hoping there was some way I could get info out to the quilt guilds. We are in need of donations of quilts, small quilted items, fat quarters, etc. We are also in need of buyers on auction day.
(related question) I am the Event Coordinator/Sales Rep for [a hotel]. There is an upcoming show here and I would like to get our new information to your readers.
(related question) How can I get information to MANY quilt quilds to go to www.marinecomfortquilts.us  to participate in a wonderful tribute to fallen hero families?
(related question) I am coming to Canada ,next yr. And im looking for a quilting retreat. Can you help.
(related question) We have a large Bed and Breakfast that is set up well for quilting and scrapbooking groups. What would be the best way to let people know we are available if they are part of a group that would enjoy a quilting weekend away from home.
We don't have a page for auctions or retreats.  Fill out the shows form and we will list it there.  Make sure the show listing is as complete as possible so if people have questions, they can contact you.  As far as contacting guilds, there is no one master mailing list.  You will have to contact each one individually.  

Could you please change the link on our posting to xyz.   The one that is there now does not work any more.
Certainly.  Just submit the change through the Add/Amend button above.

My mother is heavily involved in quilting in New Mexico. She is coming to visit in  May. She wants to visit quilt shops in our area. We live in Sutherland, Nebraska. Can you provide a list of shops in our area?
(related question) Is there any way we can get classes closer to the East Mesa/Apache Junction area?
We don't list quilt shops.  Try searching Google Local or Map Muse.  

I have a quilt made by my great grandmother that was found in my grandmothers home after her passing . It needs minor repair work in several areas. Can you help me find someone who does this work and could assist me. 
(Related Question) I have a quilt inherited from my great-grandmother and I would like to know more about the pattern. Who can I ask for information?
(related question)  I have inherited numerous completed quilt squares however have no idea how it was intended to be put together.  Does this quilt ring a bell with anyone and if so does anyone have a picture/pattern that I could follow in sewing all the squares together? Thanks for your help.
Start by contacting a local guild and asking them for recommendations.  Most guilds have at least one person who is an antique quilt person who will be able to help you.  If not, the Quilt History site has a list of people who do appraisals and/or restoration.  You might want to join the Quilt History list and ask them your specific question, too.  They are a very helpful group of quilt historians. Just visit Quilt History and click on the subscribe button. 

I am trying to locate a child's quilt pattern that I saw at a quilt show in Lake Charles, LA 3 or 4 years ago. Any way I could get the pattern?
(related question) Hello: I am looking for a Redwood tree pattern. I can not seem to find one. Can you please help me?
I assume you already tried to locate the shop that had this pattern?  If not, the show promoters might be able to help you.  If that doesn't work, ask your local quilt shop.  They may be able to check distributors websites and find it for you.  We don't provide a pattern search but you could try putting the name of the pattern in quotes and searching for it on Google.  For example: "name of pattern" quilt pattern. 

i will be visiting the expo and afterwars i will be staying in paris for few days. i would like to meet some friends of the trade. thank you 
Try joining some of the online groups and posting your query there.  There are a number of online groups listed at Yahoo, Google, Quiltropolis and Planet Patchwork as well as the Usenet group rec.crafts.textiles.quilting.

We have an Expo September 21-23. New this year will be a Viewers Choice Quilt Contest. Cash and/or product prizes will be awarded. Do you have someway of posting this or is there someway we could advertise this.
If this is a quilt show, just use the quilt show button at the top of the page.

I understand that you are having a quilt show and speaker from TV show this summer. Where and when is this being held?
What?  We don't sponsor events, we just list them. Are you thinking of the Quilters News Network, by any chance?

We are interested in doing a shop hop in the fall. Need some helpful advice for doing this.  
If you are a shop, go to the FabShopNet site.  They have an article on organizing shop hops.  If you are a customer, try going to your local quilt shop (or yarn shop, bead shop, scrapbooking shop, etc) and asking them if they participate in any shop hops.  They should be able to give you more information. 

We may soon need a resource to donate lots of quilting fabrics and supplies collected over many years. How can we go about gifting these supplies?
(related question) I have quilt material to donate to low-income or quilters who make quilts for those in need. 
(related question) We have a bag of material scraps that we want to get rid of. The size is anything from fairly small and irregular to large pieces. They are sewing remnants and the fabrics range from cotton to satin and who knows what, and are solids, stripes, checks, etc. Is there anyplace I can donate this bag of material?
(related question) I have a lot of quilting materials (fabric and an old but perfectly usable Rotary Seamstress sewing machine in a cabinet with a matching bench). Is there someone in the Greenwich area who could use these?
Start with your local guild and/or PTA.  They may have more information on community needs.  Your local County Cooperative Extension may know of sewers that could use non quilting fabrics.  Check out the IBOL Guy, too.

Does your organization have a library? I would like to donate some quilting books.
No, not the quilt guild website itself.  But many individual guilds do.  Find a local guild, or a guild that shares your interests using the SEARCH button in the upper left hand corner of this page, under the logo.

I have a quilt rack that I'm in the process of selling, but have no idea what to price it.  Can you help?
A quilt frame, like a quilt, is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.  Check Ebay, Amazon or Craigslist to see how similar items are priced.

Should a quilt guild have liability insurance?
It depends on what you do and why you need it.  Consult with an attorney. 

Here's a comment we really enjoyed getting:
Our son Jared, a soldier in the Canadian Army was serving in Afghanistan August 2006 when he suffered a severe brain injury.  He was flown to Landstuhl Germany to the American Hospital.  His care was exceptional and today (two months later) he is almost fully recovered.  We were so deeply touched when his nurse in ICU in Germany gave us a quilt made by the Virginia Eastern Shore Quilt Guild.  She told us that the quilts were made for wounded soldiers.  At that time he was in a coma and his prognosis was unknown.  It meant so much to our family to receive this quilt on his behalf. We didn't know who to contact to thank so if anyone here has any information you can e-mail us at gfive@shaw.ca.  If the groups on this site
make these quilts, please know how much it means to the soldiers and their families to know that they are thought of at a time like that.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Dennis, Linda & family

Here is a another heartwarming comment from the Town & Country Quilters Guild in Joplin:

Thanks to everyone for the donations for tornado victim members.

i have a problem in opening a page and i dont know why
Which page?

Could you tell me who sponsors the web site?
(related comment) Who is the editor for this site?
We do have a "corporate sponsor" (Quiltbug) and we do get the Amazon commissions from Quiltweb, which pretty much covers our expenses.  If you would like to link to us, of course we would be delighted.  Our editors are all volunteers.  If you would like to help, feel free to report any non working URL's or E-mail addressing using the Add/Amend link at the top of the page.

I have a question for the FAQ.  How can I contact you?
Please do not ask us questions only the guild or show person would know. If they didn't provide the information, we won't know either.  Track them down and suggest to them that they amend their listing.  

If you need to make a change to your guilds or show listing, use the Add/Amend button above.

If you have a question that has not been answered in this FAQ click here to send us an E-mail. We will answer it in the FAQ - you will *not* get a personal answer.  Please read this FAQ carefully before submitting your question.  If it is something we have already answered, we won't answer it again.

Please do not ask us questions only the guild or show person would know. If they didn't provide the information, we won't know either.  Track them down and suggest to them that they amend their listing.  If you are reporting old or incorrect information, please use the Add/Amend button at the top of this page. 

Help us keep this site current! Information on this page has been supplied by guild representatives.
If you find inaccurate information, please update the listing.