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For your quilt show or guild events.

Information on this page was supplied by guild members.  If you find inaccurate information, please update the listing.

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First, create a press release.  It should be one page, with a snappy title that catches your attention.  Write it so the media can publish it verbatim.  Be sure to cover the basics: who (sponsoring group); what (name of event with website address if there is one, detailed information such as a list of classes and teachers); where (complete address); when (include dates and times) and why (if it benefits a charity.)   Include lots of contact information - names, addresses, phone numbers, cell numbers, E-mail, etc.  The more work you save the reporter, the happier they are!  Call before sending the release.  Some places prefer to receive them by fax or E-mail.  They must ALWAYS be typed in the proper format.  Double check spelling!  For more information on press releases, try these sites:

Think outside the box.  Who besides the local newspapers and magazines (don't forget the pennysavers!) would post information about your show?  A local museum, community room, senior center, radio station?  Make sure they all get flyers ahead of time.  If the proceeds of your show, or raffle quilt benefit a group or organization, make sure to publicize the show at that location and in any newsletter they may have.  

American Quilter has a column called Show Time listing shows by by state, then by date..  Send your release to AQS Show Time, P.O. Box 3290, Paducah, KY 42002-3290.  Information must reach the AQS office by October 1 for Spring, January 1 for Summer, April 1 for Fall and July 1 for Winter. 

QUILT has a column called Bulletin Board. Send your release only, not a flyer, at least six months ahead of time.  They will place it in appropriate issue. mailto Bulletin Board, Quilt Magazine, P.O. Box 3295, Marietta, GA 30061 OR FAX to 1-770-427-1550

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